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In order to have more meditators, our world needs more knowledgeable meditation teachers, educators, coaches, mentors and motivators leading the way.

Do you like helping people and want to promote their holistic wellbeing through meditation and mindfulness practices?

At Higher Branches, we are more than just holistic educators. We are a community of like-minded people who are passionate about changing the world through meditation and mindfulness practices. 

Are you ready to heed the call? 

Start your journey with our Certificate Level - Meditation Teaching and Holistic Human Development qualification.

“This course has opened new doors for me both personally and professionally! I have grown and gained a wealth of knowledge and I continue my holistic journey in confidence! The support I received from Renae was invaluable and incredible”.
Laura, 2018

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At Higher Branches Holistic Education, all our training courses are accredited. This means that students can obtain professional memberships and insurance.

    Our courses include:
  • Certificate through to Masters level training in Meditation Therapy;
  • A range of postgraduate study options, once you have completed the Certificate level;
  • Reiki training programs;
  • In-person or online training options are available to you for flexible learning.

Are you ready to transform your life and the life of others?

Our courses are fully accredited!

Meet Renae,
founder and principal of Higher Branches Holistic Education

Meditation and Reiki have been a steady constant in Renae Brown's life, discovering the science and art of these practices when she was 17.

Like a good friend, Meditation and Reiki consistently support her in her life, providing calm and clarity. Renae has worked within the corporate sector in office admin roles, youth work, counselling and as a caseworker. Higher Branches came together five years ago when she began to offer Reiki sessions and then hold meditation groups. Pursuing her long-held dream of creating a community for self-care, discovery and learning, Higher Branches Holistic Education was born. Renae obtained the licence to deliver IMTTA accredited training courses in person in Western Australia and Online Training world-wide.

Are you ready to start a new heartfelt career?

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